The Future Of Car Parks Is Solar e-Parks

The Future Of Car Parks Is Solar e-Parks

The Future Of Car Parks Is Solar e-Parks

Solar Energy is leading the way as the most affordable and cleanest energy in Australia.

Yiray Solar e-Ports are the perfect solution for shopping centres and larger commercial real estate with valuable space. Investing in Yiray Solar e-Ports, your car park can be transformed into a primary energy source powered by the sun’s rays. Generating free, clean electricity that will feed back to the grid saving on your electricity bill and benefiting our environment.


Drive customer loyalty

Demonstrate your company’s commitment to the environment

Reduce 36% of carbon pollution from electricity consumption

Generate additional revenue

Energy wired directly to your building – reducing energy bills

Shade and protect your vehicle – retaining clients and/or staff

EV Capability

Provide car-charging ports for electric vehicles

What We Can Do For You ?

Yiray Solar can architecturally design and engineer your e-Port to suit your businesses individual needs. We can provide your organisation with a financial analysis, payback period and expected annual savings.


Create smarter and safer cities with Yiray 60, die-cast aluminium, these solar lights will withstand extreme climate changes without cracking or peeling.


Hours of uninterrupted illumination, and a life span of 100,000 hours.


No need for licensed electrician installation, just place the pole in the required position and the installation is complete.

We are here for all of your solar power needs!